5 Things to Consider When Buying A TV

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If it is time to buy a new TV for your home, you are going to want to put your thinking cap on before you head out to the electronics store, or even over to your computer to enter an online order. The TV set that has entertained us cheerfully for decades is evolving. Simply put, it can do more things than it used to be able to. This article is a basic primer on the questions you need to answer before you start comparing actual models.

What type of TV do you want?
Large, clunky TVs that sit on the living room are less common than they once were. You are more likely to see a flat screen TV that has been mounted on a wall or sits on a modern table. Deciding whether you want a traditional floor model or a flat screen TV will save you time when you begin to compare prices and models; you will have to look at fewer items.Panasonic LED TV

How big, or small, should your new TV be?
Yes, there are those that will say that a TV can never be too big, just as a human can never be too rich or too thin. It is possible, however, for a large TV to dwarf all of the other furniture in a room and destroy its calming vibe. Choosing a spot for your new TV and measuring a reasonable space for it to occupy is a smart thing to do; you will end up with a TV that fits in well with its surroundings. You will also be armed with the TV size you want when you begin your detailed search for a model.

Do you want to talk to your TV? Seriously.
The smart TVs of today are, well, smart. You can talk to them and have them respond to your instructions; you can use physical gestures to select options, like you would in a computer game. Surfing the Internet on your TV is totally doable. You will thank yourself if you make a list of the features you want on your TV – and those you don’t want – at the start of your selection process.

How many audio/video outputs are enough?
As our TVs have evolved they have become conduits for all kinds of media; we can plug in a video camera, a PC, game consoles and more. If you plan to plug lots of devices into your TV, make sure that you choose a model that has enough outputs.

Some consumers swear by extended warranties and some swear when they even think about paying for them. Whichever camp you fall into, know what warranty coverage you have before dealing with a shop, online or bricks and mortar. Your credit card may provide you with warranty coverage for your new TV, saving you that cost.

Buying a new TV can be fun, and hard work – doing a little research before you head over to the electronics shop will almost certainly save you a few headaches.


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